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My name is Martyna and I am the founder of Perky's Dog Training.  The reason for me becoming a dog trainer is my dog Perky. He has always been a sensitive dog and had behavioural issues. Feeling hopeless with the amount of misinformation online decided to qualify myself!

About me 

I started my journey with IMDT two years ago and had the pleasure to work with Hound Plus for 9 months to gain more knowledge and skills. Spent a summer in Spain working with the amazing women at Galgos del Sol cleaning kennels and training dogs. I have the pleasure to support GDS Rescue UK in fostering their 'difficult' dogs and getting them ready for their new homes. Before becoming a dog trainer I use to walk dogs for Cinnamon Trust and help find right homes for dogs in need. 

I am currently furthering my education and working towards becoming a Clinical Behaviourist. 

My Qualifications 

IMDT-LEVEL THREE- Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement
IMDT- Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias

Canine Hoopers World- Instructor course

IMDT-1 Day Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation
IMDT- 1 Day Perfect Puppy
Canine Health & First Aid Course
IMDT - 1 Day Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs
IMDT - 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer Course
IMDT - 1 Day Resource Guarding
Interactive Play Workshop- Craig Ogilvie
DTC - Canine Scentwork Specialist 
Micheal Shikashio- Master Course Aggression in Dogs
IMDT Dog Trainer Assessment - You can find me on the IMDT website 

Currently working towards:


IMDT-LEVEL 4 - 12 Months - Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour
IMDT-LEVEL 5 -12 Months- Analysis And Application


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