Canine Hoopers

Low Impact Agility

Hoopers is a fun dog sport for everyone regardless of ability. Dogs must navigate hoops, tunnels, and barrels without the risks of traditional agility courses. It is similar to agility courses but without the tight turns and is great for a bonding experience with your dog. 

All dogs can join in!

It’s a sport all dogs can take part in whether they’re puppies (6 months +) or senior dogs as there is no impact so it’s kind to joints. 

It helps reactive and anxious dogs.

In Hoopers dogs are working away from us so it helps create confidence and independence.

It’s perfect for high-energy dogs too as it channels their focus – and of course it’s a great energy burner too.



The classes are run in Avon Riding Centre, which is a large enclosed area. I can offer one to one training if your dog would not cope in a class environment.  

The price of a group class is £20 and is an hour long 


One to one hoopers session £30 

All you need to bring is your dog and plenty of treats!