One to one Training 

I am here to support you and help you with your dogs training. 
Each sessions is tailored to the training or a behavioural issues you are currently struggling with. 


Dog Training 

Loose Lead Walking, Recall, Drop, Leave it, Settle and any other behaviour you would like to teach your dog 

Puppy bitting, toilet training, first vet visit, socialising, crate training, first walk, husbandry, preparing your house for the puppies arrival and help settling the pup in.

Support with adolescent dogs. This is a time a lot of owners struggle with their dogs. It feels like the dog has now forgot everything it has learned before.

Helping and supporting you to settle your rescue dog into your family (foreign and UK).


Behavioural Training 

If you are after behavioural help as you think your dog is aggressive, fearful/anxious or becomes distressed when left alone. Possibly for any other reason (too many possibilities for me to list them all!). Please, send me an email or message me via my website. I will arrange a phone call with you so we can discuss the issue further. 

It is very important for the dog to be seen by a vet to rule out any pain or medical reason for the change of the behaviour. 


Once you have booked a session, please download the behavioural questionnaire form below and email it back to me.


Behavioural Questionnaire