Puppy and Adult Classes 

I am here to support you in training your dog and building a stronger bond. 
Answering any questions you may have in the process.
Showing how to apply what you will learn to real life situations.

I offer classes in local parks and indoor venues. 
Suitable for nervous, reactive, bouncy, young or old, ALL DOGS are welcome!


Adult Classes-6 months+

Starts: Sunday June 19th  @11am- Avon Riding Centre 

Starts: Sunday June  26th @ 12pm- Avon Riding Centre 

Week 1- Settle, Food manners, Drop & Leave it
Week 2- Jumping up, Husbandry, Settle around distractions, Stay
Week 3-Recall, basics of lead walking, Focus around distractions, Nose target 
Week 4- Graduation and Recap of week 1 to 3. 

10-15min guided play/socialisation time at the end of each class & a chance for me to answer any questions you may have 

Loose Lead walking and Recall

June 21th 7:35pm @Eastville Park  
June 18th 11:30am @ Blaise Castle 

This is a 4 week course in which we will work on having dogs recall and walk on a loose lead around various distractions.

A lot of dogs do great at home or in a group setting but once in the park their motivation to recall back can disappear. For safety long lines will be used during recall training.

All dogs are welcome to attend, however please be in mind that this is a less controlled environment and dogs and people can walk by closely.

Starts: Sunday June 12th @ 6pm-Avon Riding Centre 

Starts:  Sunday June 18th @ 1:45pm- Blaise Castle 

Starts:  Sunday June 17th @ 7:35pm- Greenbank Cemetery 

Week 1- Settle, Drop, Leave it & Food manners 

Week 2-Loose Lead walking, recall, emergency recall, emergency stops
Week 3- Focus around distractions, Settle around distractions, Nose target & Body handling 
Week 4- Graduation and recap of week 1-3 

Socialisation: Great opportunity for dogs to be around each other and learning with no pressure of close interactions. As well as for excitable dogs to learn to disengage from other dogs.  

High prey drive-Class

June 22th 6:30pm @Eastville Park  
June 22th 7:30pm @Eastville Park  

Helping you understand the motivation behind your dogs prey drive to chase squirrels, cats, birds etc. Working through techniques in an outdoor sending to gain the dogs focus

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Puppy Classes