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A 6 Step Process to overcome Separation Anxiety 

This unique seminar is aimed to engage you in group discussions and collaborative activities that enable you to explore this topic and consolidate your learning. 


This Seminar is suitable for dog owners and trainers looking to learn how to treat Separation Anxiety and delve into the misinformation that is out there on treating separation anxiety. 


The Seminar will cover: 

· What Separation Anxiety is and how to Identify it 

· In depth discussions and practical on body language so you can become skilled observers of your dogs 

· How to prepare your dog for training 

· Our 6 step process on treating separation anxiety covering how to manage the behaviour, assessing what your dog can do now, how to implement and undertake training plans including making your own and how to deal with pre-departure cues. 

· Common Myths in Separation Anxiety Training 

· Separation Anxiety Case studies 

· Puppies and Separation Anxiety 

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