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Dog Reactivity Specialist 

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Martyna Biziuk 
Qualified Dog Trainer (Force FREE & Proud) 

I am advocate for fearful and anxious dogs. Providing knowledge and safe spaces for owners to build their dogs confidence. 

I have worked with dogs in UK rescues and overseas. 

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Services I offer 

In Person Training 

Group Classes

Behavioural Support 

One to one training at the comfort of your own home.


Build you dogs confidence and teach them the life skills they will need for the future. 


Helping you understand your dogs behaviour. 


What Clients Say

"Martyna was so professional! I have a rescue from Romania which we discussed on the phone prior - she’s very fearful of people especially men when they come into the house and this was the main area I wanted to cover after the first 15 minutes of following Martyna’s advice we started to see a difference in her although not totally relax with having her in the room we followed the advice she gave and the difference we’ve seen in my little rescue is amazing both in the house and out on walks regarding other humans I can not express how much Martyna has helped, she explained really well with high levels of knowledge I would and have recommended her to many of my friends and family. Thank you Martyna!''


Reanna and Arwin

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