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Hi my name is Martyna!

I am a Bristol based qualified dog trainer. The method of training I use is positive reward based training. It is backed by scientific research and is the most effective way of teaching your dog new skills and addressing problem behaviours. Dogs are social animals that are highly intelligent and respond very quickly to learning in a positive way.

The reason why I am a dog trainer is due to my dog Perky. He showed a lot of behavioural problems that I was unable to get help with, while digging further I ended up studying and getting qualified as a dog trainer.

I have spent last summer in Spain working with an amazing rescue that focuses on rehoming street dogs. In the UK I foster and help rescue re-home dogs that otherwise might have not found a home due to lack of training and behavioural issues. My life is resolved around dogs and helping people understand their canine best friend.

I offer one to one sessions that are tailored to you and your dog's needs. I am happy to help with a range of behaviours. My main passion is helping out dogs that show signs of fear and anxiety which leads them to display aggressive behaviours. 



About me 


IMDT Level 3 - Learning, Motivation & Reinforcement 

IMDT - Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias
IMDT - 1 day Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs
IMDT - 2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer Course
IMDT - 1 Day Resource Guarding

IMDT-  1 Day Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation

IMDT-  1 Day Perfect Puppy

Canine Hoopers World-instructors Course 
Canine Health & First Aid Course 

Interactive Play WorksHOP- Craig Ogilvie

Continued development:

IMDT Level 4-Consultations, Foundations and Function of Behaviour 

Michael Shikashio- Master course: Aggression in Dogs 

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Gabby & Sam 

Martyna helped me with my 9 month old Romanian rescue dog who is extremely nervous, particularly of people. Martyna took the time to understand Sam’s issues and recognised that Sam was a chronically stressed dog, which was resulting in him getting sore areas on his skin. She began by giving me many tools to decrease Sam’s overall anxiety and stress and following this gave me tools to slowly reduce his anxiety around people using distance training and positive reinforcement. Martyna is kind and understanding and would always follow up our meetings with a comprehensive written document that I could refer back to when doing training at home with Sam. I would highly recommend Martyna, she has made a real difference to our lives and although Sam is still a very nervous dog, there has been much improvement with Martyna’s help. Thank you!


Jake & Storm 

I booked a session with Martyna to help me with my 13yr old Staffordshire bull terrier. He was extremely nervous on walks and didn’t interact with dogs that well. I didn’t know how to help him so he got very stressed with the situation. She gave me advice on how to train him and get him to relax and settle with his surroundings I.e she gave me dog books to read from as well as showing techniques that helped me to communicate better with my dog that I needed to help him with. Martyna was always kind and helpful and always followed up after a visit and if I needed her would text me with advice. I could sit here and say how amazing she actually is but it doesn’t do her justice as her work really does speaks for itself. She’s made a real difference between me and Storm and with both understand each other better. Thank you, for all your help.


Chloé & Luna 

Martyna came to help me with my anxious rescue dog Luna. Martyna arranged an appointment at my home and arrived in time. Luna immediately liked Martyna which was great as she can take a bit of time to get used to people. Initially we worked on separation anxiety and Martyna gave me some good advice which has already had some positive results. She was clear in giving the advice and followed up with a clear plan in an email.

Martyna returned a few weeks later to give me some advice re helping Luna with her anxiety specifically around men. Martyna accompanied me and Luna on a walk and again gave me clear advice and also showed me how to implement the training with my dog. Again she followed up with an email.


We have had some improvement already and I would highly recommend Martyna. If she doesn't know something she will admit to this and will go away and find out more information on the subject.


Martyna is kind, warm and approachable. She has a really good knowledge of dog behaviour and training and a thirst for further knowledge. Her passion for working with dogs will take her far!


Thank you Martyna for your help.

Get in Touch 

I am here to help and answer any questions you may have!


Happy Dog