Scent work 

 When dogs use their sense of smell, it is tiring for them.  They are using a large portion of their brain to work, after scenting activity they are able to relax quickly and take a long nap. I guarantee they will be snoozing for the rest of the day!


What is scent work?

It is a dog sport created to mimic professional detection dog tasks. Dogs look for a specific scent, alter their handler when they find the scent. They are rewarded with food or a toy. 




Evidence suggests scent work can help dogs that are fearful of other dogs or humans become more confident. As they are working in a environment that they are rewarded in with people and dogs around but not are forced interact.  



  • Blaise Castle every Saturday at 12:30pm, you can book weekly each class at £20


  • Greenbank Cemetery June the 17th @ 6:30pm, 4 week course £70


  • Canford Park June the 20th @6:30, 4 week course £70