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Are you no Longer enjoying your walks?

Is your dog lunging and Barking? 

IS Your Dogs becoming more Reactive?

Dog Reactivity 

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Dogs can become aggressive for multiple reasons. This behaviour can look like growling, lunging and barking. Making walks no longer enjoyable for you or for your dog. In some situations, it can prevent you from having friends and family over. 

If your dog has suddenly has become aggressive or their reactivity has gotten worse. It is important you visit the vet to rule out pain or illness as a cause. 

If you would like to speak to me and see what is the best next step for you and your dog please book a free consultation by clicking on the 'ready to work with me' button. 


I am here to coach and support you through the training, to make sure we reach the goal we have set together.  

What is included? 

  • Two in person sessions

  • Daily WhatsApp support 

  • Notes from each session 

  • Zoom Consultation 

Monthly Support Package 
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